Media Kits

Team Corally Media Kits

Welcome to the Team Corally Media Kit, your comprehensive resource for high-quality assets and information about our products. Whether you're a journalist, blogger, or influencer, this kit is designed to make your coverage of Team Corally's products as easy and informative as possible. Below, you'll find everything you need:

Product Pictures: 
We've provided a range of product pictures in both web use format and high resolution for press. These images showcase our products from various angles and perspectives, allowing you to create visually engaging content. Please refer to the accompanying folder for easy access to these images.

Product Manuals: 
Our product manuals contain detailed information about the specifications, features, and usage instructions for all our products. You can find these manuals in digital format within this kit, ensuring that you have accurate and comprehensive information at your fingertips.

Product Logos: 
To maintain brand consistency and assist in your media coverage, we've included our product logos in different file formats, including .PDF, .AI, and .PNG. These files are readily available for use in your articles, blog posts, or reviews. Please use the provided logos to represent Team Corally accurately.

We hope that the Team Corally Media Kit serves as a valuable resource for your coverage needs. If you require any additional information, have specific questions, or need assistance with anything related to our products or brand, please don't hesitate to contact our media relations team. We are here to support you in creating engaging and informative content about Team Corally.

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