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These high-quality gears, available in various sizes and specifications, are designed to maximise the performance and durability of your R/C models.

DP options: Available in 32 dp, 48 dp and 64 dp, allowing you to choose the perfect tuning for your drive depending on your speed and power requirements.

Designs: Choice of short and long cam designs to ensure compatibility with different motor shaft configurations.

Materials: Manufactured from hardened steel and hard anodised for maximum strength and durability under tough operating conditions.

Tooth options: A wide range of tooth options from 11 to 50 teeth, allowing you to fine-tune your desired gear for optimum performance.

Ideal for amateur hobbyists and professional racers alike, these sprockets offer enhanced performance characteristics that are essential for both training and competition. Each sprocket is precisely designed to ensure a seamless fit and optimal power transmission.

Order your copy and experience the quality you would expect from Team Corally!